Roelof Ventures


The Roelof Ventures was an extremely fun logo design project to work on.

The client, Roelof, is a contractor who does building, construction, architecture, tiling, etc. work for exclusive clients. He builds anything from big office buildings and hotels to luxury, premium houses and he does it very well with all his contacts.

He contacted us in need of a logo design and came to see us at the office to discuss the logo design including some other services like his website, business cards, letterhead and more. At that point, he’s been doing contracting work under his own name for many years but he felt that it was time to get a corporate identity in this fast growing market.

We helped him choose the name, Roelof Ventures, simply from his name and his ventures through building and construction. We also came up with the slogan “Your Dream, My Passion” which worked beautifully and interprets a personal touch to something very important. He suggested it, we liked it and it stuck so we started with the logo design procedure. He made comments about what styles he liked, that it should be a simple/minimalistic logo and that he liked blue and silver.

We started the design work and below are some of the logo concepts/mockups we came up with. From all the mockups, Roelof chose the logo at the top of this article. The blue and silver/grey logo which looks like the truss/arch of a roof. It wasn’t specifically our first choice but the simplicity of the logo design made sense for his field and also for his personality.

The logo design mockups above were just a few of 36 mockups in total. As you know, we guarantee 6 logo mockups per project but there are usually many, many more mockups. There were many good samples and it was hard to choose a good one.

The logo vector formats were reused on the business cards and on the letterheads as well.

The Roelof Ventures logo design project was a great success at the end of the day.